Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Enough is enough!

When I catch myself saying this about anything, I realize I've reached the point of oversaturation. Today is the day that Christmas has been over-commercialized to the max.

I went to a Home Sense find the staff setting up the displays of Christmas merchandise. One looked over at me with a vacant sense of futility, and we shared a laugh.

I have increasingly despised the marketing and commercialization of Christmas. The expectations, expense, guilt, exhaustion, competition that has become Christmas has taken us soooooo past the purpose of celebrating Christmas.

In previous years, I've tried to resist the commercialization and I've worked hard to embrace the spirit of the season. I've been reasonably successful in avoiding Christmas vomit. (My sister-in-law loves Christmas decorations with such a fervour, everyone says Christmas threw up at her house, hence the term Christmas vomit)

I've had fewer decorations in the past few years, and even avoided a Xmas tree last year. I assert that I need to avoid investing my energy in Christmas vomit so I can invest it genuinely in Christmas spirit.

Todays premature exposure to Christmas vomit has created a frustration within me. I am seriously contemplating selling my Christmas tree and all its decorations.

This oversaturation has caused me to look at my tree as a big pile of plastic and wire and wood and grimacing nutcrackers and rediculous fat bearded men. I never really have a place to put it, so it sits depressingly propped in the corner of my living room between a desk and a piano. If a pine tree could be a lounge singer in drag, it would look like this.

I used to love my tree. Each year I bought a new decoration. I'd set up the tree ritualistically while my cat would climb into the middle and nest like a bird. Twinkling lights and rich gold beads and velvety ribbons.


I will work to maintain my holiday spirit, but I don't know if I can restore my affection for Christmas accoutrements. Is there a way I can enjoy the prettiness from a distance or am I destined to be covered in puke?

Can one survive a one-person boycott of a commercial Christmas? Will you join me?

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