Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Thomas

I took Thomas to the vet last week and realized it has been 1 year since he chose us as his preferred staff. He is so much a part of the family and a fixture in the house that I can't remember what our household was like before him.

A year ago, he was a beat-up tom cat with no social skills whatsoever. He is now the sweetest, most gentle cat who we fight over every evening. We used to fight over the remote, but that plays second fiddle to snuggling beside Tom on the sofa while watching TV.

"Stop mauling the cat.....(pause)'s my turn!"

What is it about this 20lb cat that is so irresistible to us? We just want to pick him up and hug him and cuddle every time we look at him. I have been able to answer this.

I speculate. Perhaps it's because he always looks sooooo he's never lost the appreciation for food, a warm place to sleep, and love.

It took 6 months for him to learn what 'play' was after he watched my other cat. When he finally figured it out, he threw himself into the task with so much reckless abandon it was almost frightening and akin to watching a rottweiler play with a ball of string.

It took 9 months for him to meow. He howled to females, growled to males, and hissed to people. He started with an odd Mmm sound to us, and now he meows.

It's like he's started his life over again with all it's milestones, but never forgot how bad his other life had been. He still goes all wide-eyed and chirpy every night when he gets a little bowl of 'milkies'. Milk is still the manifestation of comfort for him.

He does everything like it's the first time. Everytime. Eat, sleep, play, meow, snuggle. Wow! Life is great!

Life through Tom's eyes is blissful. To watch Tom and watch life through Tom's eyes is to live the life of the contented cat. He has taught our household much.

And so, I invite the reader to keep your eyes open for your own Thomas. He or she might be a stray that needs rescuing, or a rescued cat in a shelter that needs a home. There are more than enough Toms to go around. I am reminded of this because on the anniversary of rescuing Tom from the streets, I took him to the vet for an infected bite from this year's homeless tomcat in the neighbourhood.

Can I interest anyone in a male grey persian?


House of the Discarded said...

Awwwww, Lisa! Thank you for posting pictures of Thomas. He's just too cute for words. What a blessing that you stepped forward to help this boy when he needed it most.

Re: Male grey persian....Um...Yes, I think I do know somebody. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the story of Thomas! Unfortunately for us people who pay attention to the comings and goings of cats outside, there is always another one showing up... what to do when your house is already full? SIGH...