Sunday, May 28, 2006

Spring on Steroids

Perhaps it was because we had a mild winter that spring has sprung...and is on steroids.

Plants are bigger than usual and are blooming earlier than usual. I don't think I've ever seen so many lilacs!

And it's no wonder that allergy sufferers are...well...suffering much more.

I was up at my cottage this weekend, and the hemlock trees (I'm assuming it's the hemlocks) are more than frisky this fruitful spring season. They put out so much pollen, it was coming down like fluorescent yellow baby-powder-fine snow. (Remembers the childhood saying, "Don't eat yellow snow.")

I was trying to clean the boat to get it ready for boating season. No sooner did I dust the pollen off the white upholstery and it was covered again. Waxing the boat was a joke. Yes, pollen sticks to wet boat wax.

But I couldn't get angry. It was so surreal, it was actually cool.

...not that I'd like it to happen again, though.

The most enjoyable aspect of this fruitful spring was to see a den of baby foxes. The den, mind you, was in a culvert of the driveway, as if the mother fox felt the rush of spring as well and didn't think she had time to look for better real estate.

I wonder what summer will be like?

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