Monday, March 13, 2006

Desperate for Signs of Spring

This winter has been unusually grey. We've had more rain, therefore more cloudy days. Add that to the depressing effect of short winter days, grey flat clouds, grey skeletal trees, grey dingey sidewalks, and sparse beige grass-stubble.

Was the sky every blue? The grass was green and soft once, wasn't it? I believe I've seen white fluffy clouds at one time or another.

I too, have faded through the winter. Beige hair, beige pastey skin...I feel decidedly...beige.
This time of year, I am desperate for signs of spring and begin looking through gardening catalogues and haunting garden nurseries.

Today, I achieved the epitome of desperation. I bought a bougainvillea.

Ah yes, the airy and papery bougainvillea. Vibrant shades of pink, red, and orange...trailing and reaching, promising the smell of the tropical tradewinds that would soon come...

Yeah, right.

My bougainvillea is suffering the same winter depression as I. It's a sparse array of a handful of spindley twigs with barely 3 leaves the size of a fingernail.

Why would I buy such a thing, you ask?

In this clump of driftwood-beige twigs, I see spring on it's way. It's coming out of it's winter dormancy. Little pin-head buds are beginning to push their way out. I can see the beautiful bush that it will become.

I'll place it on my windowsill in my office and watch it with renewed hope that spring is just around the corner.

...even though the weather forcast calls for snow tomorrow....


♥ m said...

no orange jacket with racing stripes?

you're right, flowers are more symbolic anyway... ;)

Lisa said...

I did buy the orange leather motorcycle jacket, but it was too big so I'm waiting on the smaller one. It won't be here 'til next week.
...then I can smile and do my spring dance. Um...actually, you probably don't want to see that.

Lisa said...

Footnote: Spring arrived, my bougainvillea died, and I painted highlights in my hair.
...and the blackflies are out at the cottage, so now I wait for summer. Impatient fool I am.