Friday, January 27, 2006

Radioactive Green Apple

My home is a rather depressing combination of 1970's chocolate brown and beige. These colours aren't bad in small quantities, but when every wall, cabinet, carpet, and appliance are chocolate brown and beige, one can feel...well,...beige.

Until now, I hadn't changed anything because I wasn't going to be here more than a few years, (that and the fact that I despise painting) but now that I realize I will be here a few more, those thought of even another 6 months with chocolate brown and beige depresses me profoundly.

...and so, off to the paint store I went.

The kitchen would be my starting point. Painting two walls would be a nice easy way to ease myself into the task.

Yeah, right.

I have a very good sense (read 'picky') for colour and light, to the point where, in a store with 50,000 shades and tones of paint, I can't find THE shade of green that I want. This one's too muddy, that one's too dark...too light...too yellow...too blue...too bright...too dull.

You would think I was painting the Louvre rather than my piddly kitchen in a Toronto duplex. But I was undeterred. I found the 3 closest shades and asked the clerk (bless her soul) what pigments were in each, then came up with a combination I thought would work. We did a test swatch and then mixed up a can.

Paint day was brilliantly sunny. I was energized. I was excited about bringing some colour into my beige existence.

Taking a deep breath, I rolled on the first signs of colour. My, but it looked a bit more yellow when it was wet. As more paint went on the wall, I found myself squinting from the glare. The bright sunshine was illuminating the paint as if it was phosphorescent.

I began to giggle. The more I painted, the more the giggle turned into sidesplitting laughter. I finished and left the room. Every time I walked into the room I burst out in laughter. I had wanted colour, and boy-oh-boy I got colour!

While painting, I thought "What have I done!" After I painted I thought "Holy crap, that's bright!" By early evening, 'bright' became 'funky'. By bedtime, I liked it. By morning, I loved it.

The brown cupboards are now envious of the walls, and so I will cheer them up by painting them eggplant purple.

I think now I'll do the bedroom red.


♥ m said...

how have the cupboards and bedroom--excuse me--budoiiiiir progressed?

that really is a wicked green. I can't paint in these piddly apartments so I just move every year...ha!

Lisa said... leaving cupboards until after painting budoir. Can't paint budoir until I paint current bedroom to become office so office can become budoir. Painting future office tomorrow. Not telling you the colour.